100+ Absolutely Beautiful Nature Wallpapers For Your Desktop

18 07 2009

If you’ve noticed close enough, you’ll see that with every operating system recently launched comes a set of great nature wallpapers. This has raised a fact – nature wallpaper is favored by most people. Be it a coke/pepsi fan, apple fanboy or a Microsoft supporter, I trust that you can’t resist beautiful nature wallpaper on your computer desktop. That we think, is the power of nature on technology point of view.

Rocks, Mountains

Hamad Darwish’s World of Photography

Professional photographer commissioned by Microsoft, these remarkable wallpapers are used as part of the Windows Vista collection. They are also free to download (bottom) at Hamad’s site. Here’s few that we personally like.






Monument Valley

TRILITH by tigaer

Terragen – The way god made me

The Rock by DJMattRicks

Vr6fern Wallpapers by ~yethzart

Splatter by ~XFak7oR


Windows Vista WP Series by ~Renn-Louie

Renn-Louie’s wallpaper collections come in 4 different sets – unforgettable days, skyscrapers and lost wonders, sea of plague and afternoon.

Unforgettable days

Skyscrapers and lost wonders

Winter wonderland

Winter landscape

Mt Buller

Waterfalls, Sea, Beaches, Sunsets

Hamad Darwish’s World of Photography

Forest fall


Meelup Beach


Viva La Nature Wallpaper Pack5 by ~GeekGod4

Amazing collection of nature wallpapers focusing on beach, sunset of dawn.

On The Beach

Red Rocks

Another Morning

Vr6fern Wallpapers by ~yethzart

Awesome nature wallpapers with some dramatic touch.

Waterfall Desktop Background

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Sea of plague

Green, Woods



Hamad Darwish’s World of Photography

Lone Tree

A Place to Rest

Wallpapers by 원선

Jungle Dreaming

West New York girl

A Year Has Gone



Socksoff UK

A non-commercial wallpaper site with loads of nice and beautiful wallpapers. Here are some good natural wallpapers we discovered from Socksoff.

Yellow field

Summer sunflowers

The Greenway

Sun ray in the woods

IR Field

stonehenge wallpaper by night-fate

Spot of Light


The Other Side

Dreamy, Fantasy

4rest by ~UncleCameleon

Vr6fern Wallpapers by ~yethzart

The magic tree by mpk

Wallpaper pack consists of these following resolutions: 1600×1200, 1280×1024, 1024×768, 2560×1600, 1920×1200, 1680×1050, 1440×900

Reaching For The Stars

Wallpapers by 원선

No more rain by ~quaked

Night Comes Down

Nexus by Burning Liquid

Tropical Moon

Jungle Bath

It Was a Beautiful Day by kol


35 Impressive Colour Spectrum and Rainbow Wallpapers

18 07 2009

Colour spectrum in technical, are visible colours from red to violet that made up the white light. They are also the reason why rainbows are so interestingly beautiful. When they are correctly applied on the web, it too gives a pleasant look. MSNBC’s latest web header is a good example.

If your desktop wallpaper is looking a bit dull, perhaps it’s time to add a little spice, make it something more cheerful. Here’s some really Impressive Colour Spectrum and Rainbow Wallpapers we’ve found. We find it not only inspires, also brighten up the desktop. Full list after jump.

Rainbow by dardan

Rainbowfest by manicho

4 wallpapers zipped, wide/full ratios for displays up to 30″/19″.

Colours of the Rainbow by mallorcaa

Rainbow Bolt Wallpaper Pack by SemanticOne

The Wack Twister by DJ-Takahashi

Rainbow by nathan

Wallpaper colorful by payalnic

Rainbow licks WP by SfinxMagnum

Colorful Desktop Candy by alsnd12

Colorful World 01 by mediablade

Rainbow by Dipschmidt

Spectrum by GRlMGOR

Radial Rainbow by skepnaden

The wallpapers comes in 1600×1200 (4:3) and 1600×9000 (16:9) resolutions.

Accidents Happens 2 by iixo

Rainbow on a Evening Shower by Almighty-Bazaa

Rainbow by dewaynesmith

To-Be-Free-Wallpaper- by silwenk

Spektra & Spektra2 by hypoxic

Specktra widescreen wallpaper pack.

Specktra 2 widescreen wallpaper pack.

Colorful by souhail88

Razor by Kamikaze00X

Available in these following sizes: 2560×1600, 1920×1440, 1680×1050, 1440×900, 1280×800

Trippy by majinshadow

Rainbow Ocean by Thelma1

Rainbow Concepts by jugga-lizzle

Agony by ciokkolata

Rainbow Wave Length

more wallpapers

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